Radical body love classes at Wow

Hey if anyone’s having a hankering for some end of summer body love, check out these movement workshops at Wow I’m producing over the next couple weeks. Each is taught by a wow movement artist and accompanied by thoughtful discussion and body research. And what do you know, there’s one tonight with lovely Lydia Love. Check out teh fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/672229376138382/



Hai friends,
It has been a million years since tender and I’m just now feeling like I’m starting to get my groove back.

Am re-reading Ann Cooper Albright’s Choreographing Difference (originally assigned in Deborah Foster’s class at Harvard that I so should have paid more attention in) and am deeply feeling this John Martin definition of metakinesis: “Because of the inherent contagion of bodily movement, which makes the onlooker feel sympathetically in his own musculature, the dancer is able to convey through movement the most intangible emotional experience.”

That is some deep shit about how we relate to dance through our own bodies and I think somewhere in there is why it works- how we can connect to minoritized communities through dance- how bodily oppression can be expressed through body empathy. Yeah I gotta think about it more. deep shit.

Mkay, so Emma and I reconnected about the show recently and I learned that I still have so much to learn about collaboration. I feel deeply honored to have worked so closely with such a powerful and vehement artist and I’m hella proud of what we made together.

I guess with any relationship being clear with your boundaries and expectations is the most vital piece.. Movement is my primary medium for communication and words are Emma’s, but I think we both stretched ourselves immensely, from Emma’s leading warm-up and movement rehearsals to my giving feedback on the story and script. I’m proud of how our collaboration deepened over the process, how we navigated some really difficult moments during tech week, and the fact that even now we can communicate with clarity about the strengths and weaknesses of our collaboration and the show. Okay ode to Emma is over (never!!! but really).

MKAY SO UPDATES: the glorious Patrick Quinn and I will be choreographing a piece for Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company’s fall show! Heck ya. more to come when we figure out what the hell we’re doing.

ALSO I want to shout out Calamity Co Dance

They’re a fresh awesome hilarious (adjectives) new dance company based in Boston and are having a show this Friday at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square and if you’re in that neck of the woods you should obviously be there seeing Meghan Riling and Molly Hess’s smooth jamz. Music making, cupcakes, contortion, everything. Wish I could make it kiddos!

LAST but not least, a few folks are gathering for an informal dance working group every other Sunday at 8 pm at Outpost Café in bklyn. If you have ish you want to work through relating to dance and dance-making and are in need of some resource sharing and support, you should tots join.

Emma has started a writer’s group as well that meets on Sundays so if you have text you’re muddling through and need some kind, critical, caring ears, you should feel free to reach out to them.

Ay so I’m gonna try to update this regularly with detes about shows, classes, performances. We’ll see how that goes. IF you are able to get to calamity co’s show or you want to join a working group- please commennnnt. all the danzluv4u.