Hello this is Emma again! This is my last night to work on the text of the play. My. Last. Night. After this I can’t edit anymore. What the hell? I’m posting a moment at the end of a particularly intense dance sequence. As we near the end of this process, our trust in each other has been deepening pretty quickly. We’re all artists who are passionate about what we do and who have day jobs. Most of us work 40 to 60 hours a week, in addition to rehearsal. We are nannies and restaurant managers; development associates and retail clerks; paralegals and teachers. And grad students. Lots of grad students. As artists, we have become pretty ruthlessly committed to each other over the course of this artistic process. We’ve made our rehearsal times a supportive and positive space in which we can explore, try things that don’t seem like they will work, stretch ideas until they snap, try again, let emotions come forward that we didn’t know were there. The show is not perfect. It’s better than perfect. I’m scared. When in doubt, group spoon. Writing this post is crazy comforting. Thank you for reading, or at least for being a person in a world that has blogs. Okay time for Emma to get off the internet. But if you have questions about this show, or (!!) you want to reblog for us, I will love you forever and you should email freshpeachdance@gmail.com.

I will be psyched to see you at the show …

May 9-11 8 PM

WOW Cafe, 59-61 E. 4th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY

tickets: tenderatwow.eventbrite.com


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