Monday April 8th: Networking event, discussion on arts and activism


Hey there- wanted to put up a quick post about this badass event we’re doing this coming Monday night. We’d love to see your face. Detes below:

Tender is a dance play about a queer couple that is coping with intimate trauma. The show is awkwardly sexy, sweet, and strange; there’s a really cute robot and, we hope, a seed of queer advocacy that will continue to grow throughout our work. The play is being created side by side with a series of workshops that use dance as a tool to access social change around relationship violence. Together, our goals are to take preventative action by promoting awareness of sexual assault in queer relationships; to help build and maintain a strong support network for survivors; and to connect people with resources.

On April 8th at 8 PM, we will spend our Monday night raising awareness and building community with people who are similarly inclined to create safe queer spaces in NYC and to fight oppression with art. There will be cheap drinks, built-in networking opportunities, and collaborative discussions dealing with the trials and tribulations of integrating arts and activism. Also, we’d like to present a sample of our movement-based workshop. We hope you’ll join us.

Tickets are $10 or pay what you can. For more information about the dance play, the workshops, or the emerging dance company behind both email For more information about the 32-year-old anarchist collective venue, check out

If you can make it, please RSVP and include your detes so we can do some resource sharing within our community before and after the workshop itself. RSVP HERE!–Yms3e0q80wg2DSTQ2bTOydIToSZlld_4wnZyGXmc/viewform


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