Things I Believe In Now

We are less than two months away!!!!!!!

And we have a script. And we have some choreography. And some brilliant people who will be on stage.

Our first rehearsal with the script on its feet was last week and I want to write about it. This is Emma, by the way, hi. I was facilitating this rehearsal, and while I’m a better director now than before, I’m still pretty shaky, and I still have a frequent urge to dump the whole play in a trash can and run out of the room. My plan for this rehearsal was to zero in on a particular section of the script. Just to give you some context: Leah, this young queer, abruptly drops out of college and moves states away to get a job, and we spend the rest of the play finding out why and following her as she restructures her identity. Anyway, in this particular section, Leah is beset by this strange being that isn’t really a memory and is also definitely not real. This strange being has a name: SALLY’S BLOG. In this particular section, Leah, for the first time, is refusing to go along with Sally’s Blog and its demands. On their feet, the actors were commanding, filling the space, moving between bursts of laughter and bursts of anger. Doing the scene over and over made it real for us in a way that it hadn’t been before, and everyone was pissed. It is strange to build up all that anger and then not know what to do with it.

We decided to do an exercise Julia taught us before and after the scene every time we rehearse it. It will signify that we are opening ourselves up to these characters; and then, after the scene, signify that we are back to ourselves. I started to rethink my understanding of what theatre is. I was so freaked out. I will continue to be freaked out.


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